Welcome to Highways and associated Services. Through this page you are able to quickly access key Highways and Council services to report problems or view the status of works within the Parish and surrounding areas..


To report a problem, (for example broken signs, overgrown trees, potholes, street light faults, blocked drains  or traffic signal faults) or view planned works in the Parish click here and follow the instructions

To claim for damage to your vehicle in Kent resulting through an issue with the Highway click here and follow the instructions

Kent Highways (KH) clean all drains on high speed and main roads every 12 months. Where KH  know that roads are particularly prone to flooding due to blocked drains, KH carry out extra cleaning as often as once every 6 months. All other drains are cleaned on a targeted basis. KH prioritise cleaning where blocked drains are impacting upon highway safety or causing residents homes to flood. Please click here more information or report a fault if a drain is currently causing a problem.

Concerned about abandoned vehicles, click here for more informaitonn or Check if a vehicle is taxed, declared SORN or report an untaxed vehicle by clicking here.

Report Fly Tipping by clicking here.